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What is an Adjective


Adjectives are words or group of words that are used to describe a noun in a sentence. For example

  • It is a red ball
  • That is big house
  • I like the small cat
  • Children like chocolate ice-cream
  • I have a little secret

In the above examples all the words in bold are adjectives, it is important to note that:

  1. They all came before the noun they modify, specify, or describe.
  2. They may as well be nouns.

In the first sentence, the word red described the noun ball by telling us what kind of ball.

In the second sentence, the word big described the noun house by telling us the size of it.

In the third sentence, the word small described the noun cat by telling us the size of the animal.

In the fourth sentence, the word chocolate described the noun ice cream by telling us the kind of ice cream.

Lastly in the fifth sentence the word little described the noun by telling us how important the secret is.

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