Introduction to Computer

Introduction to computer

What is a computer

A computer Is an electronic device capable of accepting an input, processing it and producing an output. So, Computer is the smartest machine ever built. And it undergoes transitions and development over the years.

Types of computer

There are many types of computer depending on the  use and mode of classification. But the most common are;

  • Digital computer
  • Analog computer
  • Super computer
  • Hybrid computer
  • Mini computer, and
  • Micro computer

1. Digital computer:

This is one of the first in the evolution of computer machines. Therefore, As the name suggests, this type of computer is digital in nature. Because it has a display called monitor which depicts the output of the machine. And UNIVAC was the first commercially produced digital computer which was produced in June 14 1951.

2. Analog computer:

Analog is indeed the first type of computer as it dates back to 1873. Of course Analog computer was a special purpose machine. So you are right if you say it is the primitive type of computer. However, As the name implies, it do not have a display,. But rather have many or few physical switches and levers.

3. Super computer:

Super computers are computer with highest performance level if you compare them with regular computers.  Because they are capable of accepting data and producing output at higher rate. Examples of super computers include Belle, Deep blue, and Hydra etc.

4. Hybrid computer:

Hybrid computer is the type of computer that consist analog and digital system in one computer. E.g computer in gasoline station, ultrasound machine, electrocardiogram machine. Etc.

5. Mini computer:

Mini computer is the smart computer that can allow more than one user to work on it simultaneously. And Mini computers are also called mid-range computer. Examples include TI-990, Honey well 200. Etc.

6. Micro computer:

As the name micro computer suggest, this is a small computer with everything needed for a computer. Thus, Micro computers are designed to be used by one person that is why they are now a days refer to as (personal computer or PC). Examples include laptops, desktop computers, video games consoles, pocket calculators, and Android mobile phones etc.


Computer is such a thing that become a Necessity in modern time, one can not live or effectively without one. They affect every aspect of our lives. Now a days computer is necessary in areas such as finance, commerce, business, research, science and technology and even our every day social communication. Therefore it is almost necessary to study these machine in order to used the wisely and proficiently.


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