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How to manage a plantation

This refers to aPLANTATION

This refers to a large area of land covered with trees. And as a verb, it is an activity usually carried out in the beginning of raining season where the seedlings are planted directly in to the field. But the tree species are initially raised in the nursery to reduce mortality rate and to achieve very high survival percentage. However, there are some few tree species that you can sow directly on the field like Mangofera indica. Moringer, Tarminalia mantaly etc.


1. Wood lots plantation
2. Shelter belt plantation
3. Water catchments plantation
4. Orchard plantation or fruit plantation
5. Wind break plantation


In establishment of  plantation for any purpose the you have to consider following factors:

Site selection: in selecting the site for plantation you should also consider the following factors:
1. Soil factor
2. Soil type
3. Soil texture
4. Soil structure
5. Soil PH
6. Rainfall
7. Relative humidity
8. Weather condition
9. Topography

Specie selection: the plant species to be used for plantation have to adopt the climatic condition of the environment where plantation program is to be carried out.

Accessibility: The area has to be easily accessible to the water, road etc. Thus the remote area or area with poor transportation network is not ideal for plantation.

Demarcation: This is the selection of suitable sized field or hectare.

Clearing: Is the removal of existing vegetation from the field.

Spacing: The spacing has to be carefully considered, the species of plant to be used in plantation as some species are erect while others are wide. Therefore, the spacing may be 2mx2m or 3mx3m.

Pegging: Is the rough measurement between the stands using peg to obtain straight line plantation.

Pitting: The pit should be depth of 30cmx30cm respectively depending with tree species.

Manuring: Manure should be applied to nourish the area for rapid growth.

Patch hoeing: Is the removal of unwanted weeds from the plantation field.

Strip weeding:  Is the cutting or removal of weeds that grow at the base of plant.

Planting out: Is the transplantation of seedlings.

Beating up: Is the checking of the survival and dead stands and supplying. The equipments to use are;

1. Ranging pole
2. Gunter’s chain
3. Tape
4. Paper(for record)
5. Pen

Fencing of site: This is the protection of seedlings from browses and animals.


Plantation is an area of land with lots of tress planted at the same time, and at a determined spacing. And plantation has the following importance;

1. Control of erosion
2. Source of fuels
3. Beautification of an area
4. Wind brake, and
5. Medicinal source.

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