How to boost Academic performance of students

Academic Performance

Student academic Performance is the measure at which he or she achieved all or certain academic goals of a particular period of time.

Students Academic performance in learning Agricultural science

According to Chang (2005), individual interest, ability and needs are important factors that contribute to attitudinal life of students studying any Subject. Also, culture and gender play a major role in determining the attitude of student to Agriculture, Margolis (2008). Ohiwerei and Nwosu (2009) also identified the following external factors as key players in a students career interest choices.

1. Teachers influence.
2. Parental pressure.
3. Economic and political condition of the country.
4. Peer groups pressure.
5. Adequate vocational information and subject studies /combination.

Therefore, Turner, steward and Lapan (2004) identified encouragement from parents and influence of people surrounding an individual as some of the factors that can affect career interest.


Student learn effectively when they feel confident, assured about the material they are using. And they feel comfortable with the people they are learning with and by whom they are being taught. However, Students have very clear views about what can help them to learn. So, Barrack (2008) sought opinion of pupils about the kind of book which deals with learning. Thus, Students articulate their understanding of the constraints under which teacher often have to work and express their views about what encourages them to work well. They are clearly concerned that they should be challenged and respected as learner. And they respond to teachers, and they respond to teachers and other adult who are interested in them. And engage them in a positive manner. But All learners need to be motivated. And this begins with establishing a relationship between teacher and learners which are used based upon mutual trust, interest and respect. Pupils do not come to lesson as empty vessels to be filled with knowledge. They bring with them their own interest and experience which make effective starting point for learning.

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