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Brian Tracy wrote that only 3 percent of the adults have writen down their goals and these 3 percent achieve their goals more than all the other 97 percent if put together. Discipline yourself with the habit of writing down your goal you will see change in a short time, remember Jim Rohn said that the discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment. Your ability to set clear goals for yourself and then work toward them every day will do more to guarantee your success than any other single factor. There’s one popular saying which said you can’t hit a target you can’t see and that if you don’t know where you are going no roads can take you there. Writing is called a neuro-psyco-motor activity, as such it forces you to think and concentrate more and more of your goals, some of them you don’t even know you have them. There are thousand of books, millions of speeches in hundreds of languages all over the world about the topic of goals and achieving them, but due to the limitation of time we shall only challenge ourselves with only few theories and laws of goals that are all Based on crystallising your goals into paper. Why not give it a try?, it’s only an operation that will take no longer than five minutes of your abundant time, since there’s no risk involve in putting pen to paper. In the year 2006 US times reported a study in which the researchers selected a large number of people who made their new years resolutions, they then divided these people into two categories I.e those who had written down their resolutions and those that did not write their resolutions down, after 12 months they followed on the respondents of this study what they found was astonishing: those that had not written down their resolutions only 4 percent had followed through their resolutions, while those that had written down their resolutions about 44 percent were successfully able to followed through their resolutions, you see this is a difference of 1100 percent in success. This is good odds to have working in your favour. The following are some of the theories that can help us to have a clear direction towards our goals……

Note that writing your goals does not necessarily guarantee your success but rather it multiplies your chance of success by at least 10, and you need to understand that these methods can be applied in order to achieve just Any goal.


These are seven simple steps that you can follow to set and achieve your goals faster;

Step 1: Decide exactly what you want and be specific.

Step 2: Write it down.

A goal that is not written down is like a cigarette smoke, it drifts away and dissappears because it has no force, effect or power behind it. But a goal thats written down it becomes real, you can see it, touch it, and read it, you can modify it if necessary.

Step 3: Set a deadline for your goal.
Pick a reasonable period of time, and write down the date you want to achieve your goal. If you elapsed that deadline without achieving your goal you will reset another deadline and try again because we never give up!

Step 4: Make a list of everything you can think of that you can possibly do to achieve your goal.
Henry Ford said “The biggest goal can be accomplished if you just break it down into enough small steps” in this step you need to also list all the obstacles and difficulties you may possibly encounter. And also you need to make a list of….
– People you need to meet. And
– Additional knowledge you need in order to achieve your goal.

Step 5: Organise the above list both by sequence and priority .
A list organised by sequence is writing what you need to do first and then second, while a list organised by priority is a writing of first what is more important and lastly what is less important.

Step 6: Take action on your plan immediately.
Take the first step, then second, then third, keep going, get busy.

Step 7: Do something every day that moves you closer to your goal.
This is the last step, and perhaps the most important one, it requires you to be consistent and disciplined toward achieving your goal. Do something 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
This is end of this method, try it and you will see the magic behind it. And thank me later.


Brian Tracy wrote in his book (NO EXCUSE!) “This is the one of the best goal achieving method I’ve ever discovered, I teach it all around the world and I practice it myself almost everday”
What you need to do in this method are;
i- Take out a clean sheet of paper at the top of it write the word GOALS and today’s date. Then discipline yourself to write down ten goals that you want to achieve in the period of 12 month.
ii- Select one goal; Out of these ten goals select one goal that if you achieve it successfully it can help you to achieve your other goals, name it your major definite purpose, and write it down on another clean paper.
iii- Make a plan; once you’ve written down this one goal make a plan, then set a deadline for this goal and find out what you can do, what ever it is to achieve that goal, and do that thing consistently to achieve that goal.


This is another important, and yet powerful goal achieving technique, many people have become wealthy and successful using this technique. The procedures to follow in this method are:
i- Take a clean sheet of paper and write your major definite purpose in form of a question along with a specific date before which you’ll need to achieve it.
ii- Discipline yourself to write a minimum of twenty answers to that questios.
For example if your major definite purpose is wanting to be awarded with fully funded scholarship then this is how your mindstorming will look like;
How to earn a scholarship before 15-06-2021?
And your 20 answers will be like,
1. Join the foreign scholarships applicant forum.
2. Attend every meeting.
3. Improve my English skills.
4. Learn how to write cv’s
5. Seek more and more of scholarships opportunities.
6. Consistent prayers. E.t.c

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