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How hackers break your passwords

How hackers access your system or network

Nowadays, with advanced IT skills and technology hackers or attackers have many ways to do their bidding at their disposal. The most common way is password cracking or hacking which is the easiest way the hackers obtain unauthorised computer or network access all over the world. However a strong password that are difficult to crack or guess is very important but system or network users often neglect this and ended up confiding their password or clues to them, and it should be noted that once a password is known to many other people it is no longer strong and therefore is useless. It is sad to say that it is very difficult for one to keep his or her password to him/herself and that makes password the weakest link to the security in the information world and that’s why some networks provide additional security measures on top of password like OTP, two factor verification and so on.

Hackers have many and I mean many ways to obtain or crack a password to get access to networks and devices remotely or physically. For example if hackers want the get access to let’s say a computer, mobile phone or a device physically they make use of password cracking softwares. Also if they want to get the password across the network they use remote or network cracking utilities or analysers.

The information above showed how easily hackers guess or crack someone’s password, and from what we’ve learned we should always keep our passwords confidential, use other security measures on top of password, and always monitor our networks and systems.

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