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Difference between Computer Virus and worm

What is difference and similarity between Computer Viruses and worms

Both viruses and worms in computing, are what is known as Malware. A Malware is programme or software designed to perform its action or operate in a malicious or unwelcome way. They both bring harm to the system by spreading infections and causing problems to the system or programmes. They are both capable of replicating themselves without human interactions.

Viruses and worms are much more similar to each other than they are different, viruses can even be programmed to turn into worms after a certain period of time.

However, the little differences are: Viruses generate and produce their own codes while worms can’t. Viruses centre be transformed into worms. Virus can start their malicious operation as soon as they enter the system or become dormant until certain criteria are met, while worms replicate the codes of any program they attached themselves with as soon as they are in contact. Viruses need hosting computer or operating system while worms can operate and propagate alone.

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