Agricultural science Education

Agricultural science is oneWhat is Agricultural cultural science Education

Agricultural science is one of the core vocational curricular subjects, taught at both junior and senior secondary schools in Nigeria. And Loredana (2015) defines it as a process of training or imparting knowledge of agricultural sciences, techniques and processes involved in agriculture. However, Agricultural science Education as a broad multidisciplinary field deals with the selection, breeding, and management of crops and domestic animals for economic production. Therefore, It is a subject taught in secondary schools as a means for self-reliance and preparation for further studies. But Agricultural science is therefore designed for inculcation of the necessary skill for the practice of Agriculture. This is for effective citizenship and contribution to food security for national sustainability.

Thus, the federal Republic of Nigeria (FRN) in the Blueprint for Family support Programme (1994) outlines the seven major objectives of teaching and learning of agricultural science.

Objectives of teaching and learning agricultural science

1. Ability to stimulate students interest in agriculture.

2. Ability of students in acquiring basic knowledge of agriculture.

3. Ability to develop basic agricultural skills in students.

4. Students ability to integrate knowledge with skills in agriculture.

5. Ability to expose students to opportunities in the field of agriculture.

6. Ability to prepare students for further studies in agriculture.

7. Ability to prepare students for occupation in agriculture.

How to attain the above objectives

Attainment of the above objectives depends on teachers pedagogical approaches. And teachers in this case are agricultural science teachers. So, Agricultural science teachers are trained and groomed from teacher preparation institutions for quality impact of agricultural skills, knowledge, attitudes, and values for self-reliance, promotion of agriculture and food security in their future lives. Therefore, the duty of this group of teachers to stimulate and sustain students interest in agriculture, enable students to acquire basic knowledge and practical skills in agriculture. Enable students to integrate knowledge with skills in agriculture, prepare and expose students for occupation. And  attainment of the goals and objectives of agricultural science depends on effectiveness of teaching and learning going on.

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